Engineer Amin Naimi

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Amin Naimi design studio

Interior designer of five star hotels

Top rank in national entrance exam and admission to Tehran University in 2017

Founder and CEO of (ICI) designer group 1999-2009 for 10 years

The manager of the decoration and furniture design department of the wood industry factory (Ideparzaan Ishtar) 2000-2010

Senior designer and project manager of Padideh company from 2010-2014 and designing and implementing projects such as Padideh Kish restaurant, Padideh tourism tower, Padideh Kish hypermarket and interior design of Kish hotel.

Project manager and manager of interior design and furnishing of Shiraz Grand Hotel since 2012 and the opening of this project in 2014

Since 2013 and after the problems that arose for Padideh company, he re-launched his personal design office named (Amin Naimi Design Studio) in Tehran and many projects such as Lotus Residence Elaheh, Mehr Holding restaurants affiliated with the Bank of Agriculture He has designed and implemented Ivan Center Tehran and...

Reasons for our choice

Professional design, high experience, very high speed of action
Professional design of residence and penthouse

Paying attention to matching the interior design with the architectural style of the building has brought successful projects such as Lotus Residence Elahia.

Professional design of restaurants and shopping centers

Project design and management in many shopping centers and restaurants has provided us with valuable experience

Professional interior design of five star hotels

The interior design and furnishing of the hotel is done in this office in a specialized manner according to past successful experiences

Very high speed

Mastery of design and executive works and high experience of managing very large projects along with very high speed of action in design and implementation, helps a lot to execute the work in an efficient and desirable way.

Completed projects
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